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Throughout life, Cindy has been married, widowed and has seven children and three grandchildren and it is about the future of our country.  As a parent and grandparent, citizen of this country it is extremely important that we look beyond our life and remember that this greatest gift of God called the United States of America must be preserved for future generations. I feel it is worth fighting for and that is why I am seeking to serve in US Congress.

Why am I running:

  • I believe my experience of working not just within my community but across several diverse communities offers vast experience that can improve the economic opportunity in Milwaukee by pushing for a more Business friendly environment within the Congressional District , especially in those Urban areas where their use to be traditional Manufacturing and industrial business that have left. My plan is to work closely with Ben Carson and the Trump administration to designate the District as a HUB/Opportunity zone and encourage community entrepreneurship along with partnering with established businesses.


  • I believe we need a representative voice that vocally leads and encourages better enforcement of CLEAN, SAFE, SECURE communities. Working directly with community leaders to organize through law enforcement agencies, faith-based organizations, churches, parents and local community private & public entities to organize neighborhood security and safety groups.


  • Education Choice is something I believe on a Federal Level we need to secure for parents across the country, but most especially here in Milwaukee. I firmly believe that we must offer our parents control of where their children’s education dollars are spent.  There is nothing that improves an organizations level of success like competition.  This is true in nearly everything and education is not different. This means we need a full-on competitive atmosphere for our Kids and Parents Educational business. I have lead that fight before as a School Board Trustee and seen the benefits of it at the local level and want to bring that Choice to Milwaukee and the Nation , it is a fight I am well skilled for and ready to bring to the Nation.



Today, I am asking for your support.  Will you join our team?  

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019 4:33 PM

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