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Throughout life, Cindy has had success and set backs as a small business owner, she understands the plight of the homeless as she has experienced such firsthand in her life.  Cindy has been married, widowed and has seven children and three wonderful grandchildren and it is about the future of our country.  As a parent and grandparent, citizen of this country it is extremely important that we look beyond our life and remember that this greatest gift of God called the United States of America must be preserved for future generations. Cindy feels it is worth fighting for and that is why she is seeking to serve in the US Congress.  

Why I am running:

  • I believe my experience of working not just within my community but across several diverse communities offers vast experience that can improve the economic opportunity in Milwaukee by pushing for a more Business friendly environment within the Congressional District , especially in those Urban areas where there use to be traditional Manufacturing and industrial business that have left. My plan is to work closely with Ben Carson and the Trump administration to designate the District as a HUB/Opportunity zone and encourage community entrepreneurship along with partnering with established businesses.


  • I believe we need a representative voice that vocally leads and encourages better enforcement of CLEAN, SAFE, SECURE communities. Working directly with community leaders to organize through law enforcement agencies, faith-based organizations, churches, parents and local community private & public entities to organize neighborhood security and safety groups.


  • Education Choice is something I believe on a Federal Level we need to secure for parents across the country, but most especially here in Milwaukee. I firmly believe that we must offer our parents control of where their children’s education dollars are spent.  There is nothing that improves an organization's level of success like competition.  This is true in nearly everything and education is not different. This means we need a full-on competitive atmosphere for our Kids and Parents Educational business. I have lead that fight before as a School Board Trustee and seen the benefits of it at the local level and want to bring that Choice to Milwaukee and the Nation , it is a fight I am well skilled for and ready to bring to the Nation.



Today, I am asking for your support.  Will you join our team?  

Go To Our Volunteer Page and Get More Involved.  Also, any amount donated is GREATLY appreciated!





Saturday, October 12, 2019 6:21 AM

Only In America

Only in America can one still protest/march for something they support or do not support.  On Oct 10 I was attending a rally in Minneapolis, MN.  Inside the Target Center there was a sense of pride of our country.  Outside the Target Center there were those who were burning Trump apparel, calling Trump supporters nasty names.  Had one guy say to me "you are a traitor to your race".  Really?  Blocking attendees departure, spitting on elderly people and the list goes on and on.  Where everyone has the right to support or not support an issue or a person.  ONE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS!  Attached are articles for you to read and if you feel the way I do, then please volunteer to help get me elected to congress.  We have to stop the madness and get those of us who believe in the Rule of Law, Our Constitution and still support the rights of others elected into congress.  Please join me.  Thanks and have a blessed day.


Saturday, October 12, 2019 6:16 AM

March For Trump - Most Of All March For America

Join us as we march to support President Trump most importantly We March To Support America!


Wednesday, October 9, 2019 11:20 AM

She Supports Impeachment!? Yep Gwen Moore Does!

On Sunday, September 30th, U.S. Representative Gwen Moore endorsed unsubstantiated calls for the President’s impeachment. She continues to exhibit a limited ability to equally represent the interests of all her District 4 constituents. An impartial leader would have refrained from “jumping on the bandwagon” and would have waited for evidence before proceeding with any sort of criminal accusations. Even after witnessing the exoneration backed by an extensive three-year, $40 million investigation, Moore appears emotionally tied to her claims, expressing a strong disdain for President Trump. Milwaukee can never become a thriving city unless its leaders are committed to making quality decisions based on truth, and that’s something Gwen Moore just can’t do for you.

In the past few years, the attempts to tarnish Trump’s character are almost countless. In recent news, the current hoax uses a conversation with the Ukrainian president to accuse President Trump of questionable foreign relations. Read the transcript yourself; don’t take the media’s word at face value. In my opinion, there is no evidence of criminal activity communicated between the two leaders. In fact, this call brings attention to the very likely corrupt doings of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. It’s the duty of the President, as the leader of the Executive Branch, to enforce the laws in America. That’s just what he’s doing. President Clinton would only have to agree, as he signed a 1998 treaty with Ukraine pledging America’s help in exposing corruption.

Readers, we are in a war. It’s a war not fought with weapons and bombs, or troops and armies. This is a civil war for the heart of America. Today we face increasing numbers of socialist democrats and the effects of their policies on our nation. We can already see where we’re headed, and it’s not towards prosperity. The President has led this fight, but he needs a team of leaders who are willing to work with him and ensure that American values persist for ages. On paper, the Constitution of the United States is what binds us together, but we need to unite in the present – here and now.

I’m here for you. I’m here for Milwaukee. I’m here for Wisconsin and the perseveration of America. I’m willing to fully represent the 4th Congressional District in our state and work with real leaders. I’m ready to end the continued assault on our God-given freedoms. Work with me and protect our values! We are Pro-America, and we will win!
Please share this post and spread the message of freedom.

Cindy Werner
Candidate for U.S. Congress District 4 WI

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 4:33 PM

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