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Only In America

Only in America can one still protest/march for something they support or do not support. On Oct 10 I was attending a rally in Minneapolis, MN. Inside the Target Center there was a sense of pride of our country. Outside the Target Center there were those who were burning Trump apparel, calling Trump supporters nasty names. Had one guy say to me "you are a traitor to your race". Really? Blocking attendees departure, spitting on elderly people and the list goes on and on. Where everyone has the right to support or not support an issue or a person. ONE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS! Attached are articles for you to read and if you feel the way I do, then please volunteer to help get me elected to congress. We have to stop the madness and get those of us who believe in the Rule of Law, Our Constitution and still support the rights of others elected into congress. Please join me. Thanks and have a blessed day.



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